The Teberg Fund is managed by First Associated Investment Advisors, Inc. of Duluth, Minnesota. Curtis A. Teberg is the founder and Portfolio Manager of the Fund and his actions are guided by two key points.

First, The Teberg Fund is a closely managed portfolio of mutual funds from many fund families. The Fund is a 'fund of funds' and we believe it may be appropriate for investors who want an experienced advisor to decide which funds to buy and which to sell ... and how long to hold them.

Second, The Teberg Fund seeks to maximize total return through capital appreciation and income with an emphasis on managing risk..

FEES AND EXPENSES (as of 06/30/14)
Front End Sales Charge: 0.00%
Deferred Sales Charge: 0.00%
Gross Expense Ratio: 2.77% Net Expense Ratio: 2.41%
12b1 Fee: 0.25%

The Advisor has contractually agreed to waive fees through July 31,2016

OPERATIONS (as of 06/30/14)
NAV: $11.33
Inception: 04/01/02
CUSIP: 66538E226
Minimum Initial Investment: $2,000.00
Minimum Subsequent Investment: $100.00
Minimum IRA Investment: $2,000.00
Last Income Dividend (12/27/13): $0.2297
Last Capital Gain (01/02/08): Short-Term: $0.4363 Long-Term: $0.2813

Past performance does not guarantee future results.

Mutual fund investing involves risk; principal loss is possible. Because The Teberg Fund is a "fund of funds", your cost of investing in the Fund will generally be higher than the cost of investing directly in the shares of the mutual funds in which it invests. By investing in the Fund, you will indirectly bear your share of any fees and expenses charged by the underlying funds, in addition to indirectly bearing the principal risks of those funds. These risks include, but are not limited to, risks involved with non-diversification and investments in smaller capitalization companies and lower rated securities. The Fund may also commit up to 80% of its assets to high yield funds containing lower rated securities that are subject to a higher risk of default.

Please review specific fund information by clicking on the navigation topics listed in the left hand column. We would appreciate your comments and questions regarding The Teberg Fund. Thank you.

Investors should carefully consider the investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses of The Teberg Fund. This and other important information about the Fund is contained in the prospectus, which can be obtained at or by calling 866-209-1964. The prospectus should be read carefully before investing. The Teberg Fund is distributed by Northern Lights Distributors, LLC, member FINRA.

First Associated Investment Advisors, Inc. is not affiliated with Northern Lights Distributors, LLC.

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